Betsy started out as a volunteer working with Sol; our Wednesday morning baker. She quickly fell in love with the bakers, Dina and the mission and passion behind the Friendship Bakery.

Betsy has a formal education in Nutrition and Dietetics and is a Registered Dietitian. Ironically though, when she was first talking with Rabbi Stein about the job, she mentioned that she has no education or prior learning with special needs. The Rabbi said to her, “ all you need is a heart.”

Her favorite part of the job is really getting to know the bakers and their families. Betsy feels that with every individual there lies a hidden treasure that takes time to find and nurture. And in the daily task of being in a bakery, these attributes always shine and come out.

Outside of the Friendship Bakery, Betsy cherishes and loves being with her husband, Alan and their three children; Alex, Matthew and Hannah. Betsy also especially loves her three dogs, quiet times in nature and mediation.